If You’ve Been Targeted

This campaign is primarily dedicated to letting businesses know that we, as consumers, cannot support them so long as they are supporting a petty and abusive blog.

However, since we have begun this campaign, we have had countless messages of support from people who have been targeted by this blog. Some of these people have shared stories of aggravation and annoyance, of unwanted messages and comments and feeling like they cannot comment on social media without being harassed. Other people have shared stories of desperation and sadness, of having lost their jobs or being unable to get new ones, or being afraid for their own safety.

For these people, we only wish that we had more help to give, more resources, more recourse for fighting back. For now, please refer to the excellent guides offered by the Crash Override Network


These guides range from talking to family, employers, and police about what you have experienced, to making sure that your social media accounts are secure and tips for protecting yourself from unwanted attention.

Stay strong and know that you are not alone.