Step Two: Contact the Sponsors

Businesses that sponsor or have partnerships with Turtleboy Sports are part of the problem. The TurtleBoycott group wants to let business owners know, loud and clear, that supporting this blog is completely unacceptable if they wish to have our business.

We need you to contact Turtleboy Sports sponsors, especially sponsors you may have frequented in the past, and politely ask them to end their advertising. Maybe we can’t stop the website’s hate, but together we can make it less profitable.

  • We have reached out to each of the advertisers. The advertisers still on this list are businesses that have decided to remain Turtleboy Sports sponsors.
  • Click each business’s name to get the needed contact info for the sponsor.
  • We recommend contacting by phone, but please do BLOCK YOUR PHONE NUMBER from being displayed before calling. Dial *67 and then enter the phone number you are calling. The word “Private” will appear on the recipient’s phone instead of your phone number.

Hi, I’d like to talk to ______________________________.
Yes my name is [FIRST NAME ONLY]. I was at the website and I saw your business listed as a Turtleboy Sports advertiser. I want to strongly encourage you to call Turtleboy Sports and ask them to remove your advertisements from their website immediately.

I am contacting you because, as an advertiser, you are supporting their bullying and attacks against local people. Attacks which damage their families and jobs, spread false stories, shame young people, and broadcast messages of racist and sexist hate.

  • Go to the next business and repeat this process. REMEMBER: you need to press *67 before any phone calls made.
  • Thank you for participating in the Turtleboycott. 

    *** Please know there is a risk if you choose to challenge sponsors by email or social media. In the past, some sponsors have shared the content and contact information of people expressing their concerns, and Turtleboy Sports has used this information to target innocent individuals with blog posts, harassing phone-calls, messages etc. ***


Together, we can do this.